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All selections may be purchased as a single infusion at the price listed or as part of a package of ten infusions with a 20% discount

Immune Booster     125

Colds and flus can put you down for the count. Don’t wait until you’re sick. Be proactive! Boost your immune system with our signature blend of vitamins, amino acids and IV fluids. You'll be energized and protected.

Pregnancy Perk Me Up     125

Even the healthiest pregnancy can leave a mama tired, achy and feeling a little blah. Why not treat the mama-to-be in your life (or yourself!) to a nourishing IV vitamin renewal? Every mama deserves to be a little pampered.

The Fat Melter     150

Whether you're fasting to detoxify or just trying to drop those last ten pounds before the holidays, we can help replenish and energize your body without any pesky added calories. Let us boost fat burning and energy with our vitamins, anti-oxidants and hydrating fluids.

Cold and Flu Destroyer    150

Antibiotics do nothing to kill viruses. Research has shown IV vitamins such as vitamin C kill viruses. Nip that bug in the bud! Recover,recharge and rehydrate with our special blend. 

Hangover Rescue    150

Night out partying got you feeling under the weather? Our IV fluids, vitamins, amino acids and anti-inflammatories will have you feeling great in no time. Just don't blame us if you feel *so* good, you go out and do it again.

Detox Delight    150

Everyday our bodies take in toxins from the air we breathe, the food we eat and even from our high stress levels. Our special blend aids in detoxification, hydration and helps replenish vital nutrients and minerals.

Custom Blend         

Our physician can develop a custom formula for you. Patients with chronic medical problems they would like to address as well as anyone seeking more highly specified goals.  

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