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Our Infusions Can Help You...

  • Fight off cold and flu- IV vitamins have the power to kill viruses, support your immune system and increase energy and vitality.

  • Increase energy for weight loss or just as a pick me up- vitamin levels are easily depleted by dieting and by our stressful, on-the-go lifestyle. Replenishing their levels along with hydration and amino acid supplementation will noticeably change your energy level. Research has also shown it increase fat burning and muscle building.

  • Treat headaches and muscle aches- IV vitamins and minerals can relax muscles and treat tension headaches and migraines. Hydration is also helpful for headaches.

  • Enhance athletic performance- IV vitamins and branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) can make your work outs more effective by boosting energy and promoting muscle building.

  • Detoxify and renew your body for a healthier, more youthful you- IV vitamins and amino acids such as lysine have been shown to build up collagen and improve skin clarity. They can help with hair loss, fine lines and wrinkles and common skin annoyances like acne and eczema. An infusion will leave you with glowing skin.

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