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Opiate Addiction Visit Fees

Our fees for addiction appointments are $250/month for the first 3 months. After that, the cost drops to $200/month. Most patients are seen only once in a month, but there are times when either you or the physician feels it is necessary to come in more than once. In that case, there is no extra fee. Your $250 monthly fee also covers:

  • we offer evening and weekend hours based off patient need

  • often insurance companies require a physician to fill out paperwork in order for them to cover the medicine at the pharmacy. Our physician works quickly on this and follows through to make sure you are getting your medicine covered as quickly as possible

  • we work with local pharmacies so you don't have to search for a pharmacy that will fill your prescription. We also find the lowest prices for our patients who pay for their medicine out of pocket

  • our physician can also treat other medical problems you may have from depression to bronchitis to allergies

  • you are always treated with respect and compassion. Our physician isn't just writing you a prescription. She is your doctor.

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