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Why Don't You Take Insurance?

Physicians who accept insurance have a large amount of overhead because the insurance claims process is so complicated. As a result, they need to see a large number of patients and aren't able to take care of patients the way physicians used to.

Additionally, the government and insurance companies reduce reimbursement for doctors who do not meet "quality measures." They track, for instance, percentage of patients vaccinated or how often antibiotics are prescribed. As a family medicine doctor treating PANDAS, I would fail these intrusive regulations and receive even less reimbursement, creating the need to see even more patients. 

As a result of this increased patient load, appointments are rushed. Concerns are brushed aside because the physician doesn't have time to research and think through something that doesn't have an easy answer.

Physicians become burnt out from arguing with insurance companies and having to see more and more patients with less and less satisfaction. A burnt out physician is tired, cynical and begins to question whether they should be a doctor at all.

In order to provide you the care you need, we have adopted the concierge medical model where you pay directly for your care. We work with you on payment plans and offer lower rates than other concierge practices.

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