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What We Do

Spectrum Family is owned and run by Dr. Elizabeth Spaar, D.O., a family medicine physician and a mom.

We provide integrative medical care. What does that mean?

For medical marijuana: As a physician treating autism and PTSD, Dr. Spaar had seen the amazing benefits of medical cannabis even before the dispensaries opened in Pennsylvania through her participation in the Safe Harbor program. Two of her own children currently take medical marijuana for autism and have benefited greatly. She is passionate about providing access to this crucial medicine to all patients with qualifying conditions and hopes to see the list of approved diagnoses expanded and access made easier on patients. She is dedicated to education and ending the stigma generated by misinformation and bias in the medical community.

We also provide IV vitamin infusions for a variety of medica[ problems and for general wellness. IV vitamins aid in detoxification, energy, alertness and focus, immune function and so much else. You can see our menu of infusions here

For addiction: We recognize the overwhelming evidence that MAT (Suboxone) increases success rates for opiate addiction recovery dramatically. Research also shows that Suboxone works best when other care is provided with it. Our care plans can involve: individual or family counseling, nutrition, exercise, meditation/prayer, parenting or vocational counseling and more.


Dr. Elizabeth Fleming D.O (formerly Dr. Spaar)

Board certified in Family Medicine

Board certified in Osteopathic Manipulation

Board certified in Integrative Pediatrics

Published in American Family Physician

Presented on the treatment of Autism at multiple CME events

Presented on Intimate Partner Violence

We take a family medicine approach to treating behavioral health.

We believe:


You cannot treat an individual without addressing their 

relationships with family, friends, and their community.

Our focus shouldn't be on treating diseases, but on 

helping people facilitate health and well being in themselves.

The doctor should make decisions with the patient. 

It is our role to educate, engage in respectful dialogue and offer choices.

In listening to the patient and their loved ones. 

Doctors should be continually educating themselves on the

latest research with an open mind and critical thinking.


Both traditional medicine and complimentary and alternative

treatments should be considered.


Connecting patents with resources and specialist physicians

is often key to patient recovery 

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