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Medical Cannabis

The endocannabinoid system plays a vital role in the body. We are only beginning to fully understand it due to the restrictions that have been placed on research of medical cannabis for years. We do know it can be an effective treatment for many conditions due to its effects on inflammation, immune modulation and neurologic function.

Medical marijuana is now legal in Pennsylvania for 21 approved diagnoses. Dr. Spaar is an approved practitioner for certifying patients to receive their medical marijuana card.

If you are not an established patient and wish to be seen purely to obtain certification, please read the following information:

      *You must bring proof of a qualifying diagnosis with medical documentation from a qualified physician

     ***If you have PTSD and do not have documentation, our physician                                              can provide a PTSD diagnostic evaluation***

      *You will need to be seen yearly to maintain certification

The fee for a consultation for medical marijuana certification only

is $200. PTSD evaluation is an additional $50. Yearly renewal

appointments will be $125.

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