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How do I get a medical marijauna card in Pennsylvania?

Can I travel with my medical marijuana?

Within Pennsylvania? Sure. But if you want to head to another state or country, it's not so easy. Marijuana is still illegal federally so interstate travel while carrying cannabis is illegal. It's not always so black and white, though. For a more detailed answer, read this helpful article

  1. Go to on a computer (do not use a phone or tablet)

  2. Click on Patient-Caregiver Portal

  3. Register. This involves entering basic information like your name, address, Driver’s License number and date of birth. You will also create a username and password. Write this down. You will need it later.

  4. You will receive an email confirming your account is created.

  5. Log back into your account using the username (usually your email) and password you created. Click on Profile. You will see your patient I.D. number. Write this down and save it.

  6. You will need to obtain copies of some medical records about your diagnosis (unless Dr. Spaar is performing a PTSD evaluation at your visit). This can be a letter from one of your doctors or an office note that lists your medical problems.

  7. Now you need to be seen by a physician who can certify you (we recommend Dr. Spaar!). The doctor will talk to you and review medical records to see if you can be certified.

  8. If you have a qualifying diagnosis, the doctor will certify you that day.

  9. Now log back into the portal and click on Pay for my Card. You will pay Pennsylvania $50 by credit card.

  10. You will receive your card in the mail, usually within a week or two

  11. Once it is the date on the card (sometimes it is dated a few days ahead), you can go to the dispensary. There are dispensaries in Squirrel Hill, the Strip District, Butler, East Liberty, New Kensington, Washington, Monroeville, Uniontown, Zelionople and Erie currently.

  12. The consultant at the dispensary will sit down with you and discuss your symptoms you need help with. They will recommend what form, dose, and strain you should try. Remember to start with a low dose and move up slowly!

  13. If you ever have any questions you can always call or email us

  14. You will need to be recertified once a year

Will medical marijuana make me high?

It is possible to use marijuana medically without the psychoactive effects (feeling "high" or "stoned"). Dr. Spaar's sons are on medical cannabis for autism and they are most definitely not high. Proper dosing will control symptoms while still leaving you cognitively intact. In fact, used properly, medical marijuana can actually make you more focused.

Can medical marijuana patients drive?

Yes. Just as someone taking prescription oxycodone or xanax can drive as long as they are not impaired, so can you with medical marijuana. If you are feeling impaired and drive you could be charged with DUI but otherwise you're good. The police do not have access to the marijuana patient database so they will not know you are a medical marijuana patient unless you inform them.

Will they take away my guns if I use medical marijuana?

No. Guns are regulated by the ATF which is a federal agency. Marijuana is federally illegal. Pennsylvania had initially planned to give law enforcement access to the medical marijuana patient registry, but this past January Governor Wolfe put a stop to that. What this means is that gun owners do not have to turn in their guns and when you go to buy another gun, they have no way of knowing if you're a medical marijuana patient or not. For more on this, read here.

Will my insurance pay for my medical marijuna?

Unfortunately no. There are ways to be thrifty when buying your medical cannabis though. For instance, instead of buying capsules, you can buy oil and make your own capsules. If you are vaporizing your medicine, the flower and bud will soon be available and will cost less than the concentrates. The total cost will vary for each patient according to dose.

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